Senior Design Team sdmay18-14 • Mobile and Web Timecard

Genova logo The problem we are aiming to solve with this project is Genova Technology’s lack of user-friendly and well-liked method to track time spent on projects. Genova previously had a time card which most employees enjoyed using. A change in the accounting software used by Genova left this old time card incompatible with the new accounting software. Because of this incompatibility Genova was forced to go back to an old and disliked time tracking application. Genova hopes the senior design team can develop an iOS, Android, and web time tracking application that is compatible with the accounting software and user-friendly.

The senior design team will solve this problem by developing an iOS, Android, and web time card application. We will accomplish this by utilizing industry standard software development tools and an Agile development methodology set up with 2-3 week long development sprints, the tool Rally will be utilized to implement this Agile methodology. Data will be stored and retrieved to and from a database server hosted via Microsoft Azure. The back end code base will be built on a linux server and coded in Java. The front end will be coded differently depending on whether it is the iOS, Android, or web app.